Infinity Solutions Manufacturing
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We offer factory, dealer, and national service depending on your needs.  

Factory Service 

Get factory service or machine refurbishment directly at our manufacturing facility. Click the link for details.

Dealer Service

Need service done locally?  We can set you up for factory service through one of our many                  dealers. Click the link for details. 

National Service

We have a premier national service provider that has extensive knowledge of both the Bri-Lin machines and the Infinity Solutions ones.  Click the link for more information about national service availability. 


We stock virtually every part required to service Infinity Solutions Manufacturing machines or Bri-Lin machines for same day shipment if required.  We support these machines with consumables, such as belts and O-rings, or with spare parts, such as motors, gears, shafts or controls.  

You can order many parts from our convenient online store  If you require a part that is not available in the online store, call and a member of our courteous staff will assist you.  Payment is by credit card or PayPal.